"Your Life Your Call"

Your Prescription For Life

  • This is a call to action-

  • Somewhere we are going to have to take responsibility for what is happening to us-

  • Please do not get offended-

  • If we continue to sit passively by they are going to keep knocking us off one by one-

  • The call to action is to UNITE-

  • Not just shout Black Power and throw our Fist in the Air-

  • We do not have to all like the same things-

  • We do not have to all vote the same way-

  • However, we do need a stand and these REPORTS hopefully addressed those issues-

  • Where we can unite in a way like never BEFORE-

Step in to a better situation for self and everyone connected to us.......
Please keep an open MIND and see the POSSIBILITIES............
Please select an ITEM from the left. :)...................

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"Your Life Your Call"
Your Prescription For Life
By Daniel Rodgers

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